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Alternatively free parking is available in Chaucer Street and Blessington Street.
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Tattoo Removal

Tattoo Removal Melbourne

Cosmetic tattoo removal Melbourne

If you’re not happy with your cosmetic tattoo, we can create a game plan to either remove all of it or start the process for correction. If the technician didn’t listen to your request or simply did techniques in trend that don’t suit you can cause a lot of insecurity and heartache.

If the technician was too heavy handed or chose the wrong colour this can all be rectified by putting in place a strategic plan in place to have the best outcome for you!

Shelley Bledsoe the owner of Removable Regrets and Cosmetic Tattooing Melbourne will oversee and be a part of your journey to feel confident once again!

Cosmetic tattooing is popular, but with many untrained technicians leaving their mark, we are regularly contacted by unhappy customers seeking help with permanent makeup removal. Perhaps your cosmetic tattoo has faded unevenly, and you’ve chosen not to update it, or the colour has oxidised and changed unflatteringly. Contact us today to book for tattoo removal in Melbourne.

Do you offer laser tattoo removal on cosmetic ink on the face and body?

Yes, we treat cosmetic tattooing for Scalp Micropigmentation, Brows and Lips. In the event that we cannot treat your specific area, we offer other skin care options, such as Plasma Pen and Saline removal. Click here to visit our cosmetic tattoo removal page.

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Tattoo Removal Near Me

Removing regular tattoos vs removing cosmetic tattoos

Cosmetic tattoos often use pigment as opposed to tattoo ink to tattoo permanent eyeliner and lips. Eyebrows and scalp tattoos often use tattoo ink. Once we assess your tattoos, we will recommend the type of removal methods required: Saline Tattoo Removal or Picoway Laser Tattoo Removal. In most cases, lasers are the best method. However, some pigments are best treated with saline as a result of the potential for colour change rather than lightening.