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LED Light therapy

Rejuvenate Your Skin With LED Light Therapy In Melbourne

LED Light Therapy Melbourne

We want you to get the best outcome for your removal process hence why we give you 2 x 20 min complimentary LED sessions with each session you undergo at Removable Regrets.

Brilliant, regenerated skin can be yours today, with award-winning Dermalux LED Phototherapy! This natural, non-invasive procedure harnesses the power of clinically proven TGA certified therapeutic light. Trigger your skin’s natural renewal and repair processes without chemicals, discomfort, or downtime.

What are the benefits for my skin?

LED heightens collagen production, increases hydration, calms irritation and assist in lymphatic drainage, killing all bacteria along with stimulating the powerhouse of our cells. It can even aid with accelerating cell recovery after laser tattoo removal, major surgery, knee injury or chemotherapy

What does the treatment involve?

A pain-free experience calming inflammation and restores radiance. Each treatment lasts up to 20 minutes and with no downtime.

Boost your skin’s radiance

A continuing course of this latest technology treatment results in cumulative benefits. This optimised treatment penetrates your distinct face and body skin concerns with longstanding improvement. At RR, we believe everybody deserves to have the best chance to improve skin texture and achieve faster results.

How does Dermalux LED phototherapy work?

The skin has the marvellous ability to absorb light energy. It uses light to stimulate and regulate crucial cell processes. LED Phototherapy applies wavelengths from the infrared spectrum of light. Skin cells that are energised function better and can renew up to 200 percent faster – accelerating regeneration and repair.

Dermalux LED Phototherapy
Led Light Therapy
Full Dermalux Flex LED Treatment

DERMALUX TRI-WAVE THERAPY is the sole Phototherapy machine on the market that targets all three levels of the skin to stimulate and target multiple issues.

Choose your Dermalux treatment

Optimise your skin regime, get fast results and lay the foundations for your beautiful skin. RR Laser tattoo solutions will listen to your concerns and determine the best treatment plan for guaranteed success.

PACKAGES: Why not combine your treatments for spectacular results?

Add a 30-minute session or two of Dermalux LED before or after one of your other RR treatments. You can combine it with:

Plasma Fibroblast – stimulate your mitochondria with Dermalux LED before your plasma treatment to achieve better results and faster healing time.
Skin needling – Check out the benefits of skin needling, combine the two of them together and it’s pure magic!

Full Dermalux Flex LED rejuvenation treatment course

Cosmetic Tattooing Removal: Supercharge your skin for long-lasting, visible improvement. Your skin will be refreshed and glow with this intensive course of 12 x 30-minute treatments (2 -3 times a week for optimum cell activation)

Consecutive days Dermalux treatment course

Fast, immediate repair for certain alignments with 5 consecutive days, each with a 30-minute treatment.

If you have had older tattoos with a heavier handed artist, that’s gone too deep in the skin, you may have some residue scar tissue. If you want to remove that old tattoo or do a cover up, we will help you regain healthier skin tissue for forthcoming sessions with your tattooist. Here’s just a few ways we can regenerate the skin for better cellular tissue rejuvenation.

Skin Needling supports the natural recreation of collagen and elastin, causing the skin to feel smoother and tighter and defining scar tissue.
The unique collagen that CIT forms enhances zones on scar tissue. Original blood vessel growth advances blood flow, which will spark cellular metabolism, generating improved skin oxygenation.

Once the skin is permeated with the needles, the body counters with a wound-healing reaction, which generates collagen. With infinitesimal punctures in the skin, CIT skin needling is non-invasive, with no skin impairment but only advancement.

Plasma Fibroblast – If you have an area on the body that you would love to tighten lax skin before getting a piece you’ve always dreamed, plasma is incredible for structuring the skin for a smoother and tightening effect. Great for those that have lost weight and can’t get rid of that extra annoying skin!

This innovative plasma fibroblast treatment revitalises and returns a more youthful look to your face, neck, body and hands. Plasma fibroblast is the ground-breaking new way to reap the rewards of fresher, smoother, younger-looking skin, without having to resort to surgery.

Combine Skin needling with plasma for a complete cellular regeneration.