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Tattoo Cover Ups Melbourne

You’ve concluded you no longer want your tattoo. But..Should you remove the tattoo completely or go for a tattoo cover up?

The coverup approach is ideal for individuals who aim to fade their tattoo, then cover it up with a fresh design. A tattoo coverup involves tattooing over an existing tattoo to make the former design disappear, Sometimes a tattoo artist can integrate the old design into the cover up attempt. However, it is best to fade the old design first to produce stunning results. This ensures that the artist can build your new design without being restricted.

Tattoo Cover Up Melbourne

Sometimes, people simply don’t like the design they chose once they see it on their skin, or their tastes have developed over time. Perhaps the artist made a mistake in the design, or there’s some emotional association they no longer wish to be tied to. Many people get tattoos at a youthful age during a social outing with friends. Perhaps they are inebriated at the time, or they just choose a random design collectively in a light-hearted way. With the help of fading and then a coverup, the person now has the freedom to think deeply and plan a design that genuinely reflects who they are or what they wish to express. With prison tattoo removal, people have the dew opportunity to present a different image of themselves.

The full tattoo removal approach is ideal if the position is an issue, such as the face and you no longer want a tattoo on that area. Maybe you are starting a different job, and your tattoo is disturbing that move towards professionalism.

If you’re still happy with the location, a tattoo cover up is a superb choice! We lighten the area with laser rather than totally removing it. This involves only a few removal sessions, depending on the location of the tattoo. Pigment colour and the type of ink will also influence how many sessions are required. However, lightening certainly takes fewer sessions than total removal.

Let’s take a look at exactly what’s involved in the coverup process

First, it’s time to speak with one of our therapists about the type of coverup you’re considering and the artist you have chosen. We will communicate directly with that artist to ensure that we lighten the area accordingly to accommodate that new design. Our therapist then recommends how many sessions will be involved to attain that result. You will have laser removal every six weeks with healing time between sessions. Once the tattoo has faded and your chosen tattoo artist is happy with the slate, new ink can be applied. If you have not chosen a design or an artist yet, we can assist with the journey. For example, the size of your existing tattoo will influence the size of your new required design. Going smaller will be problematic if you gave chosen coverup over removal. Specific colours take longer to fade than others. If your tattoo is old, it may already be faded. You may have chosen a new, notably intricate design, so your artist might need a significant level of fading.

When to book in for your new design

After your final laser tattoo removal treatment, you will need to wait for 6–12 weeks of healing before starting your new tattoo. Patience is required to ensure that your new artist has the best canvas to work on!