Removable Regrets Laser Solutions

Location: 179A Barkley St. St Kilda

Parking: Acland St Carpark. 1st hour is free. After that, validate your ticket with any $15 purchase from Coles.

Alternatively free parking is available in Chaucer Street and Blessington Street.
TOW away: Please keep in mind that across the street from the shop is a tow away from 4:30pm -6:30pm.


Eyebrow & Lip Tattoo Correction and Colour Specialist

Cosmetic Tattooing Corrections

If you’re unhappy with your cosmetic tattoo, we can either remove it or begin the process for tattoo correction, mapping out a more beautiful shape.

Perhaps your past technician didn’t listen to your requests or applied dated techniques that don’t suit you. We understand how much insecurity and heartache this may have caused. If that technician was too heavy-handed or chose the wrong colour, be assured that this can all be fixed. In partnership with you, we will put into place a strategic plan to realise the very best outcome for you!

Shelley Bledsoe, the owner of Removable Regrets and Cosmetic Tattooing Melbourne, will oversee and be a part of your journey towards feeling confident once again!

Cosmetic tattooing is popular, but with many untrained operators leaving their mark, miserable customers seeking guidance with permanent makeup removal contacted us. Perhaps your cosmetic tattoo has faded, and you’ve chosen not to refresh it, or the colour has oxidised and transformed. Contact us today to book in for cosmetic tattoo removal.

Cosmetic Tattooing Corrections & Colour specialist:

Having been in the tattooing industry for two decades, we are highly experienced in colour correcting and remedying any asymmetrical cosmetic tattoo work of other artist.

We can re correct any lip, brow or eyeliner tattoo. We perform only the latest techniques, soft and natural with no downtime. Having an extensive range of techniques, we pride ourselves on being able to restore our clients’ self-confidence. Have a look at our gallery on our sister site “Cosmetic Tattooing Melbourne” and check out our Instagram for more photos, videos, and healed results.