Removable Regrets Laser Solutions

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Plasma Pen and Saline Removal Solutions

Types of removal for Cosmetic Tattoos

Yes, we treat cosmetic tattooing for Scalp Micropigmentation, Brows and Lips. If we cannot treat your specific area with laser, we offer other removal solutions such as Plasma Pen and Saline removal.

Cosmetic Tattoo Removal

Plasma Pen: If your wanting to only remove a tiny area (silver), we would most likely use the Plasma pen to remove instead of going into the laser route. This will have a regeneration effect on the skin and lift the pigment successfully in only 1-3 sessions.

Saline Removal: A salty saline solution that we tattoo into the skin to break up the unwanted pigment. This will work more like an osmosis effect rather than laser being primarily lymphatic. A very effect treatment for removing reddish hues.

Eyebrow Removal: If you want to remove the entire brow, only partially or only a little area, we can help! We will advise you on the best method for your personalised journey. Laser is not always the best solution for all types of Cosmetic Tattoos. With laser, we can zap most of the darker colour (i.e., carbon) out of the brows. After the carbon is gone, a slight reddish hue may be left in the skin. You might select colour correction with a neutralising Semi Permanent tattoo colour to gain beautiful colour back to your brow. You may also select complete removal. In that case, you would undergo Saline removal sessions to remove the reddish hue. This may take 1-3 sessions at most.

Lip Removal: Because of high levels of titanium in the pigment, we cannot perform laser tattoo removal on a lip tattoo. If your lip tattoo which was performed over a decade ago, the manufacturing process will have changed. If that pigment contained high levels of titanium, hitting it with the laser risks turning the area black. Therefore, we would need to treat it with a 1064 to remove it. This is not a desired process you’d want to undergo. We perform most of our lip tattoo removals with Saline solution–but only in the skin’s dermis. If you want to change the colour of your lip tattoo, we can manipulate the existing colour to your liking.

Eyeliner Removal: We do not perform laser eyeliner tattooing but can get excellent results with eyeliner wing removal, thickness, those unnecessary blobs of pigment performed by a poorly trained tattooist and can target pigment migration, correcting the shape with saline removal.

Removing regular tattoos vs. removing cosmetic tattoos

Once we assess your tattoos, we will recommend the type of removal methods required: Saline Tattoo Removal or Picoway Laser Tattoo Removal. In most cases, lasers are the best method. However, some pigments are best treated with saline because of the potential for colour change rather than lightening.